Memories deserve nothing less

We understand that your visit to us is not in the best of circumstances, and we thank you for considering our work as a way to preserve the memory of your loved one. The defining characteristic of our keepsake jewelry is the integration of visible ashes or hair into the design of every piece. To ensure your peace of mind, we always make our process of ash-integration available for you to observe. With this collection, we wish to provide you with the beauty and elegance that you will cherish along with your memories.

Memories deserve nothing less...

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Memorial jewelry in the broadest sense of the word

A memorial jewelry is not only about the death of a loved one, but is also about celebrating new life or nurturing special friendships and relationships. Consider, for example, birth, perpetuation of friendship, processing of handwritten text, baby teeth, footprints, breast milk, hair locks of both humans and animals, paw prints, fingerprints or the processing of sand from the beach where you went on your honeymoon. Everything that has to do with memory that can harden together with the resin can be incorporated into the jewelry.

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Order process

When you have found the jewelry of your choice you can select the See You dealer where you’d like to pick up the jewelry. They will also take care of the filling for you. The ash remains are then mixed with our special transparent resin which gives a transparent, shiny finish. A colour dye can be added to the resin as well. Unfortunately you are unable to do the filling yourself, but can be realised by our official See You dealers. The assembly process can often be done when you are present. We recommend to ask about the possibilities regarding your presence during the filling process.

  • Step 1

    Select your jewelry in our webshop.

  • Step 2

    Select the desired dealer.

  • Step 3

    We ship your order to the dealer.

  • Step 4

    The jewelry can be filled and picked up at the dealer.

Memories deserve

Nothing less...

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In addition to an ever-growing number of points of sale at home and abroad, you can, by appointment only, get to know our entire collection in our showroom. Appointments can be made from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm. There we can also advise you if you want to have a 'custom-made' piece of jewelery designed and realized. We prefer to fill ashes or hair residues in our See You Memorial jewelry in your presence.

Let yourself be carried away with / in our interpretation of See You Memorial Jewelry.

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~ Rob Leurs

Founder See You Memorial Jewelry

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