Filling Ash Jewelry

See You Memorial Jewelry is produced in sterling silver with a rhodium-plated finish or in gold with zircons or diamonds. A few designs with a glass front or back are filled with a funnel. These items are very easy to fill. The other designs are all filled with our special resin. The assembly process with resin can be completed for you by our See You dealers or ourselves. This is often possible in your presence, so you can see how respectfully the handling wit the ashes of your loved one is done.

Ask the See You dealer of your choice about the possibilities.


Resin finish

The ash remains or hair is integrated with the use of a special resin, resulting in a transparent, shiny finish. A colour dye can also be added to the resin. The ashes can always be separated from the resin, to be used in integrating into another piece of jewelry. The durable finish will withstand everyday wear and tear. However, we recommend to not wear the jewelry while bathing, swimming or cleaning. Our jewelry is water proof, but the resin can react to aggressive chemical products that are used in the water. Please note that leather and glass items are not water resistant.

Fingerprints / Wax Impression

These fingerprints will be made with the so called ‘Lost wax’ method.  This means that the original wax fingerprint will be lost during the process. If you want to make sure that you will always have the possibility to make another fingerprint-pendant or other piece of jewelry that contains the same fingerprint, we will need to make a rubber model of the original wax fingerprint which is called a matrix. With this matrix we can make as many fingerprints as desired. The price for the matrix is €50/£50/$80.

Double sided fingerprint
It is also a possibility to make a double sided fingerprint. Push the two fingers on the wax ball at the same time on opposed sides. This is a way of showing eternal commitment and love. Perfect for, for example a couple or a parent and child(ren). There’s no additional cost for a double sided fingerprint.

We highly recommend to always make 2 or more fingerprints in case one impression is not clear enough. Send the two best to us and we will decide which impression is the clearest. We advise you to keep one impression at home.

Fingerprints / Ink or Digital Scan

Another possibility is to ‘laser’  the fingerprint on a piece of jewelry. A lasered fingerprint can be made from a wax ball or from an ink impression on a piece of paper. The fingerprint will be retouched and lasered on the desired jewelry surface. Please keep in mind that the ‘scars’ are also visible on the laser engraving. Exactly the fingerprint that is deliverd to us, will be lasered as it is.

The material we van laser engrave onto is silver, stainless steel and gold. The types of laser engravings can be fingerprints, a foot, hand, paw, signature, logo’s, you name it.

With the laser engraving you will receive a warranty certificate and a picture of the fingerprint with a cirkel around the used area by us.

Handwritten Text

All sorts of laser engravings can be lasered onto the jewelry surface. For instance your grandmothers’ own handwriting, footprint of your new born, signature of your father or your childs’ very first attempt of writer their own name.

Please let us know if you have any special wishes. Almost anything is possible.

Mother Milk

Being able to breastfeed is one of the most wonderful miracles in the world. The bond between mother and child is something which cannot be described. Ending this period of breastfeeding can sometimes be difficult. Some feed for a long time, others short, for their own reasons. Either way is this an act of love. This special experience can be immortalized by assembling a drop of milk into a piece of jewelry. The jewelry is filled with our special resin. The assembly process with resin can be completed for you by our See You dealers or ourselves. This is often possible in your presence.

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