Step 1

Select the desired jewelry in our webshop

Step 2

During the ordering proces you may select a dealer where you want to pick up your order. They will also be taking care of the filling for you while you are present. Please note that not all See You dealers can be selected as Pick Up location. In the dealer map you will be able to see the available Pick Up locations.
When you want to order our jewelry through one of the non- Pick Up locations we recommend to aboard the ordering process and order directly with that certain dealer.

Step 3

We prepare your order and will send the parcel to your selected dealer within 3 business days.

Step 4

The dealer of your choice will contact you as soon as they have received your order. They will be scheduling an appointment with you for the filling and pick up process. You only need to bring a little bit of ashes, hair, breast milk or milk teeth to your appointment. Later in the ordering process you can read exactly how much is required.

Step 5

The jewelry is filled in your presence. The filling of the jewelry will always be done with utmost care and respect.

Your customized jewelry is ready for you to wear


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