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Step 1

Select the desired jewelry in our webshop.

Step 2

You may fill out your contact information and pay the invoice.

Step 3

Please send a small amount of ashes/ hair/ breast milk/ milk teeth to our address. Later in the ordering process you can read exactly how much is required:

See You
Attn: Claire Leurs
Cipres 2
5711 DZ Someren

Add a note with your name, contact information and return address to your package.

Step 4

We will notify you immediately when we have safely received your package and we will prepare your order. The preparation of your order, like the engraving and filling, will be filmed and made into a video for you.

Step 5

Your finalized order is returned to you. You will receive an email from UPS with the tracking code.
All the unused ashes, hair or milk teeth are returned to you.

You customized jewelry is ready for you to wear


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