408 S


Stainless steel ring with fingerprint.

The fingerprint- engraving is included in this price. We often don’t need the original fingerprint. A clear picture (taken with your smartphone) send by email is the best way to send it to us.



  • Also available in silver or gold
  • Laser engraving is included in the price
  • Best results guaranteed with inkprint on paper or a fingerprint scanner.


How to send the fingerprint to See You:

  1. Please take a picture of the fingerprint with your smartphone. Try to make it as sharp/clear as you can. Please try not to move the camera while taking the picture. Also good lighting will help you achieve getting the best picture.
  2. The picture can be mailed to along with your contact information. We'll let you know a.s.a.p if the fingerprint was received well.
  3. After the jewelry is completed, you'll receive an email from us with the tracking information. With every laser engraving you'll receive a warranty certificate with a Unique Reference Code. This code is only attached to your specific fingerprint. Please keep the warranty certificate with you so we can always track down your beloveds fingerprint if necessary.


I don't have a fingerprint-impression yet How do I obtain one?

The best results are mostly achieved by impressions made with ink on paper or a digital scanner. Gently push the finger in the inkcushion en presh it on a white piece of paper. Often you are able to make a few. Make as many as you can and choose the one that's most visible to you where you can actually see the fingerprint-lines.

Did it work? Please follow the steps as written above for sending the fingerprint to us.

Do you have any further questions or do you have trouble taking a fingerprint? Please contact us at or call + 31 493 893914.




Delivery times

Silver and stainless steel items
NL & BE = 1 – 3 business days
EU & UK = 2 – 5 business days
USA = 3 – 5 business days
Other Countries = 5 – 7 business days

Golden Items:
NL & BE = 4 - 5 weeks
EU & UK = 5 - 6 weeks
USA = 5 - 6 weeks
Other Countries = 5 - 6 weeks

408 S

  • Silver
  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
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  • Please note that all sizes smaller than 50, larger than 62 and in-between sizes need to be special made. The delivery time for these special size is 4- 6 weeks.

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