The birth of a child is one of the most extraordinary and magical events in ones life. There are numerous ways to capture such an event and carry it with you at all times. For example in a piece of Jewelry. For example: engraving of the name, initials, hand/footprint or hairlock. Mothermilk is definitely also a possibility.

Feeding your baby is something very special between mother and child. A way to cherish this period is by carrying a drop of mothermilk in a piece of Jewelry. Almost every item is suited for holding the milk.

Lock of hair
Hair locks can be placed in almost every Jewelry piece. The visibility of dark hair is better than blonde or white hair. We recommend to always save some strands of hair in case of damage or loss.

Hand or foot-print
Babies still have very small and fragile fingers that no fingerprint lines are visible. The fingerprint lines will start to show after their 2nd year of life. Hand or footprints are an alternative. We engrave the silhouette of the hand or foot and we can downsize them to the size of your Jewelry.

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