Laser Engraving

How cute is a childs’ first handwriting. Especially when they are writing their own name. Another example would be when dad writes down the name of your newborn and we engrave his handwriting in your desired piece of Jewelry. That may also be a piece of Jewelry of your own!

Or that one special phrase your grandma wrote down for you, the signature of your mother or father, that nickname your boyfriend always calls you.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to carry two fingerprints in the shape of a heart, from for example mother-daugther, your two children or from you and your partner?

The fingerprints can be made from ink on paper.

Double sided fingerprint

A double sided print is also possible when we receive two prints from ink on paper or digital scans. However with this method it takes more work and time to realize and it will have a slightly different price.

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